IURII LELIKOV (IND.) (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Porto, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C235479 (member since 29 May 2024)
ON TIME SERVICES, LDA (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Gondomar, Porto, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C232974 (member since 2 April 2024)
UNICORDAS, SA (Freight forwarder)
Vila Nova da Telha, Porto, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C231622 (member since 7 March 2024)
ANDRE M SILVA - CONSTRUÇÃO UNIPESSOAL LDA (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Lousada, Porto, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C229606 (member since 31 January 2024)
PÉTALAS URGENTES - UNIPESSOAL LDA (Freight forwarder and Carrier)

Armazém de descarregar é na EN 324 km 129.6

Baraçal, Guarda, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C227797 (member since 27 December 2023)
Aveiro, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C226831 (member since 5 December 2023)
Lisbon, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C224878 (member since 7 November 2023)
MD EXPRESS UNIPESSOAL LDA (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Braga, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C224546 (member since 2 November 2023)
CARGOMASS LOGISTICS, UNIPESSOAL LDA (Freight forwarder and Carrier)

Cargomass Logistics is a versatile logistics company that excels in courier delivery, freight forwarding, and strategic partnerships with renowned courier companies. Our commitment to efficiency, prec...

Aljezur, Faro, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C224160 (member since 28 October 2023)
PROEZA PERIFERICA - UNIPESSOAL LDA (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Freiriz, Braga, Portugal
Cargopedia ID: C223779 (member since 23 October 2023)
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