We are a logistics freight forwarder for international road and airfreight. We offer B2B as B2C and C2C shipping solutions.

Zürich (Kreis 9) / Altstetten, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C192875 (member since 9 March 2023)
Balerna, Canton Ticino, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C178803 (member since 27 September 2022)
INT LOGISTICS GMBH (Freight forwarder and Carrier)

INT_LOGISTICS GmbH is a Swiss International transport and logistics company with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, alongside its hub in Cologne, Germany. We are active in all stages of the...

Zurich, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C169768 (member since 25 May 2022)
EXPEDIONS SARL (Freight forwarder)
Grand-Lancy, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C165565 (member since 30 March 2022)
DUPERREX INTERNATIONAL (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Ballens, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C164834 (member since 21 March 2022)
Samstagern, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C153081 (member since 11 October 2021)
ZS LOGISTIK GMBH (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Tübach, Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C137950 (member since 27 February 2021)
TRANSPORTES GUIMARÃES PORTUGAL (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Morges, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C132059 (member since 20 December 2020)
TLS-CARGO GMBH (Freight forwarder and Carrier)
Steinhausen, Canton of Zug, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C125122 (member since 21 September 2020)
ETS TRAKTION GMBH (Freight forwarder)
Dottikon, Bremgarten, Aargau, Switzerland
Cargopedia ID: C109061 (member since 9 April 2020)
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