International freight exchange

Cargopedia is an international freight exchange that helps the carriers find loads to be transported, and the shippers find trucks to carry their loads.

Available in over 10 languages, Cargopedia is a freight exchange accessible to every company and person.

A modern freight exchange. 100% web.

We have created an extremely friendly interface and easy to use. No matter if you use a smartphone or a tablet, laptop or PC, Cargopedia will adapt perfectly to the screen size.

Cargopedia runs as a website and does not require installing additional software. This means it is available everywhere, anytime, on every device connected to the internet.

E-mail and SMS notifications

With us you not miss any ads! Receive notifications when new loads or new trucks that match your ads are published.

Matching loads or trucks, on the route or on the return route

Sounds good? Cargopedia suggest them automatically, in the page of each ad.

Load Map and Truck Map

On Cargopedia you can see directly on the map the available loads and trucks!

Advanced internal messaging system

Cargopedia uses an advanced, email/chat-like, hybrid messaging system. If you send a message to an online member, he/she will receive it instantly. If offline, he/she will be sent an email.

Did we mention that you can attach images, PDF, Word or Excel files to your messages?

Not least, you can send messages to other Cargopedia users straight from the home page!

Flexible destinations: Anywhere in your country, Anywhere or Anywhere in the European Union

Your truck doesn't have a set route? No problem, you can select the departing locality or region, and as arrival a flexible destination like Anywhere in the European Union.

A freight exchange suited to every company

Whether you are a small business with a few employees, or a large one, with dozens or hundreds of employees, Cargopedia adapts to your needs.

You can define multiple locations for your company, each with its own users/contact persons.

Any currency, also displayed automatically in your national currency

The advertiser has specified the price in another currency? Cargopedia will display the corresponding price in EUR (or your country's currency), at the exchange rate of the day.

Distance and Cost Calculator, European Truck Driving Restrictions, European Fuel Prices

Cargopedia is the only site that shows daily costs for diesel, gasoline and LPG in most European countries and hourly truck traffic restrictions. Cargopedia also has a very useful function for calculating the distance and the cost of a route, based on average consumption.

Publish as many ads as you want, for free!

Registration and ad publishing are free on Cargopedia! The Free plan gives you access to all the basic functions of the site. If you want more functionality, you can always upgrade to the Standard or Premium subscriptions.