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Company status: Active

  • Is not listed in IPB (Insolvency Procedures Bulletin)

Tax ID: RO47236750
Reg. Number: J04/2062/2022

Registered address: STR...., B... B...

Employees: 1

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Financial data
Financial rating: 28%
The financial rating is calculated using a complex algorithm, by analyzing financial indicators from the last balance sheet (2022). A low financial rating signals the risk that, in the absence of a loan, the company may enter into insolvency in the near future.
  • Turnover: 0...
  • Profit: -16...
  • Cash and bank: 102...
  • Equity: -15...
  • Debts: 336...
  • Debts to the state: ? (hidden)
  • Share capital: 200...

* Indicators reported on 31/12/2022 (last published balance sheet)

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Transport license

Transport manager:

  • Ciuci...

License number: ? (hidden)

Validity: ? (hidden)

No. of vehicles: ? (hidden)

Last update: 21/09/2023, 12:40
STR...., B... B...